This week the Leguminati Bean Team made it's return to Tasty Takeover in the Milk District after a six month hiatus, and boy is it good to be back! The amount of support we receive at this particular event never ceases to amaze me. We were welcomed back in the warmest way, and seemed to have picked up right where we left off. Folks drove in from all over the state of Florida to grab our grub and show us love, just like old times.

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, Tasty Takeover started as a food truck gathering held once a week in Orlando's Milk District, and has expanded to other locations throughout the area, including Tasty Takeover Brunch at Will's Pub.

It can sometimes be intimidating as a vegan to attend events such as these, but Tasty Takeover has always been so supportive and inclusive of the vegan community here in Orlando. There is always a vegan vendor on the line-up (we currently alternate with Crust Vegan Pizza Kitchen), and several trucks that offer vegan options that are sure to satisfy. Between Da Kine's delicious plant-based poke bowl options, the authentic pancit noodles from Over Rice Food Truck, Tamale Co's extensive vegan selection, and Sushi and Seoul's avocado fries or veggie roll, you really can't go wrong. Never hesitate to inquire with the vendors about what options they might be able to veganize to suit your needs - they're all super friendly and accommodating, and it never hurts to ask!

You can catch us at Tasty Takeover in the Milk District again this month on Tuesday, December 26th, and at the monthly Tasty Takeover Brunch at Will's Pub on Sunday, December 31 alongside our friends at Crust Vegan Pizza Kitchen! This event went from being vegan friendly to a straight up vegan takeover - and we wouldn't have it any other way! Let's end 2017 on a high note, shall we?

Peep the Tasty Takeover Schedule online to stay up to date on when and where to find us and all the other incredible veg-friendly vendors in the area. Orlando is quickly becoming quite the mecca for vegan cuisine, and we're so grateful to the folks at Tasty Takeover for continuing to support and promote the growth of cruelty-free eats in Orlando!