Our response to an Orlando Weekly article, in which Mathew Scot rebuts our claims:

While Sandwich Bar Owner, Mathew Scot’s claim that Rebecca ‘Bex’ Larsen never signed an agreement is correct, he failed to mention that a contract (dated October 14, 2017) was in fact in place and signed by Leguminati ownership, on behalf of the company. The agreement was never with Rebecca, but with Leguminati Foods, LLC. The contract clearly states that it is valid for two years, but due to his year to year lease with the Landlord, he is to provide us with 30 day notice if said lease is not renewed. There are also several arbitration clauses in place, all of which were completely dismissed by Mathew. An amendment page was provided at a later date (and was never signed by Mathew) to reflect several verbal agreements made by Mathew to Jeremy, so he was only obligated to honor our original contract, which Leguminati is no way in breach of, and reflect none of what he mentioned in his claims. In regards to the renovations, there are multiple texts from Mathew Scot encouraging us to “do more”, and expressing his excitement for the new and improved look. The beer and tap handles were removed for a friends and family event as per a verbal agreement with Mathew, and the remainder of the beer was offered to Mathew to sell for profit, as way of saying “thank you” for the collaboration. He makes no mention of the politics involved in the matter, but our evidence will speak volumes. As we decide whether or not to handle this matter in a court of law, we will refrain from speaking any further publicly on it at this time. Onward and upward!

-The Leguminati Bean Team

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